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What are the benefits of chauffeur driven hire car in Melbourne?

New era brings its benefits and its negatives to everyone’s life. Our lifestyle is changing constantly and there is less and less time and more and more work to do. Those who are employed usually find themselves lacking time to finish work or thinking how the days seems to get shorter. Is this the modern life syndrome?

Everyone is in a hurry and time wasting has become a very expensive exercise.
We are looking for best solutions and ways how to save our precious time. On the roads, we find ourselves lost in the traffic. Streets are packed with cars going in all directions and pedestrians have less and less room to walk as it is shared with bike riders.
Only those who are on the road everyday can find the best way to their destinations.
We, at Urban Chauffeur Cars provide safe and fast transfer to any location. This is just one of the benefits of chauffeur driven hire car in Melbourne.

Our services and your benefits are:

Transfer to and from all Melbourne airports;Private hire car transfers to all Melbourne metropolitan destinations;

Special occasions transfers such as sporting events, theatre, birthday or other private parties;

Wedding transfers;

Family or small group transfers;

Small group winery tours;

Small group sightseeing tours to popular Victorian destination such as Mornington Peninsula. Macedon Ranges, Dandenong Ranges and other destination of your choice

When you book your chauffeur car with Urban cars and your booking is confirmed by our team, you can rest assured that your driver will come in time to your pick-up address and will drop you off to your preferred destination. Our cars are all luxury sedans and luxury vans. Unless you request special make or colour of the car we will send you the first available vehicle from our fleet. Your benefit is that whichever vehicle is the next available it will be no less luxurious than the requested one. Same is for the quality of our chauffeurs. All our drivers are professional and experienced on the road which is the benefit when you have no time to lose with a heavy traffic and closed street. Our driver will know which street is less jammed or if it is closed because of road work so your time will not be wasted.

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