5 Ideas for decorating a wedding car

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A wedding car has a significant role in the wedding ceremony. Its beauty should be distinguished from other cars in the column. You can leave the decoration to an expert, but with a little imagination and effort you can, very successfully, decorate a wedding car by yourself, and in addition, have a little fun. Below are some of our suggestions on how to make your wedding car look divine..

A bump full of flowers

Flower arrangements on the bumper give a particularly elegant look to cars. Unlike ordinary flower bouquets on the hood, they do not reduce visibility while driving. You can attach them to the front and back of the car.
Such arrangements of fresh flowers can be more expensive, so you can combine flowers with more greenery or choose artificial flowers. In addition to being cheaper, it is durable and well tolerated by variable weather. Your limousine will look even more attractive and elegant with flowers.

Decorative cans

Another great idea. You can make this kind of decoration yourself. It does not take much time and does not cost much.
You need:
Empty cans and cans of food. Start collecting them on time in order to have a sufficient number.
Color papers, stickers, adhesives, tincture, spray painting cans. Choose the colors you love.
Hammer and nail to pierce the hole on the can. Be careful not to hurt yourself.
A canopy to tie bumper cans firmly.

Marker – white liquid chalk

With it you can print your favorite love quotes on the car’s glass or maybe draw a drawing. These markers are easily wiped with a wet cloth.


The car decorated with balloons looks incredible. Balloons are available in different colors, sizes, shapes. Choose pastel or metallic, plain or heart shaped. They can be filled with air or even better with helium, you choose.

Paper balls

They do it very easily from crepe paper and canopies. They can be of different colors and sizes. Find ideas online, and use your favorite colors. This decoration is recommended only for dry weather.

Wedding, in addition to many small things and big details, includes a car for the bride and the groom people. To decorate a wedding car, you need a little skill, style and imagination. What you need to pay attention to when it comes to decoration is to make sure that the flower arrangement and the details that will be found on the car do not disturb the driver.

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