Wedding Car Hire Melbourne Price

Wedding car hire Melbourne price is available online for or our vehicles: Mercedes E, Mercedes S and Mercedes V class. Affordable wedding car hire with our fleet of prestige wedding cars is offered in Melbourne metropolitan area, Yarra Valle , Mornington Peninsula and around.  Getaway wedding car for your transfer after the reception is also convenient on your request.

Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Class

One hour:$150, incl.15 km

2 hours:$280, incl.30 km

3 hours:$360.incl.50 km

Mercedes S Class

Mercedes S Class

One hour:$200, incl.15 km

2 hours:$360, incl.30 km

3 hours:$510.incl.50 km

Mercedes V Class

One hour:$200, incl.15 km

2 hours:$360, incl.30 km

3 hours:$510.incl.50 km

Genesis wedding car


One hour: $100, incl. 15 km

2 hours: $180, incl. 30 km

3 hours: $240, incl. 50 km

white Chrysler stretch limo


One hour: $350, incl. 15 km

2 hours: $650, incl. 30 km

3 hours: $600, incl. 50 km

How much it cost for wedding car hire?

If you are looking for affordable wedding car hire you are in the right place. Not only that our cars are prestige wedding cars but our prices are lower because we are happy to negotiate.After you have all your transfer details ready contact our office and discuss the price. Normally our prices start from $150 per transfer but this can be negotiated depending on the location, destination, number of passengers, number of cars, size of the car and make such as wedding cars Mercedes or Genesis. When you need a car for your return to the hotel after the party, ask for a getaway car wedding.

How many wedding cars do you need?

We are offering our service for wedding car hire Mornington Peninsula area, wedding car hire Yarra Valley area, wedding car hire Bundoora location and all other Melbourne metropolitan areas.The number of cars required depends on how many people you have in your bridal party. Sometimes you can fit four people in one car but in some instances, you will need a larger car or a stretch limo.

Who normally goes in the wedding car?

The wedding car is normally booked for a bride and her escort (father, mother or other family member or a friend) Considering that the wedding dress requires a lot of space it is best to book one car for the bride and her escort so the bride feels comfortable.

Who drives the bride to the wedding?

A bride is driven in the best hire car that is booked for this occasion.

Who goes in the car with a bride?

The bride is usually accompanied by her father or another mediate family member but this car should not transfer more than two passengers.


What time should the bride arrive at her wedding?

Depending on the wedding planner but normally the bride should arrive the last.

How does the mother of the bride get to church?

The mother of the bride is transported with a separate car earlier than the bride and her father. It is good to get there earlier so she can welcome the guests.

What is the most popular wedding car?

There is no most popular wedding car. All tastes are different and all cars can be wedding cars. The most popular car in our fleet is Mercedes.