How To Avoid Traffic In Autumn

May is fast approaching, and the changing weather serves as a reminder that summer’s warmth is giving way to winter’s chill. Nature is gradually slowing down, with shorter days and longer nights becoming the norm. The vibrant green of trees is yielding to a splendid array of autumn colors, and the streets are teeming with traffic, as leisurely walks and bike rides become less appealing. Driving a car is becoming the preferred mode of transportation on these increasingly rainy and cold days, leading to congested roads. You might find yourself stuck in a one-way street traffic jam, wondering how you’ll make it to that important meeting. There’s no turning back, and all you can do is sit and anxiously watch the clock ticking closer to your business appointment. It’s even more nerve-wracking when you’re en route to the airport, fully aware that your plane won’t wait for you. Your Uber driver, although skilled with GPS navigation, may not possess the local traffic-beating knowledge needed to navigate these challenging situations.

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