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Christmas Gift Ideas

Choosing gifts to partners, friends and relatives often knows to cause you problems and headaches, especially when Christmas is coming and you have to buy few gifts at the time. In that case, you are guaranteed a headache, because wandering around the city and visiting all existing stores can not result in anything other than stress, fatigue and bad mood. In order to save yourself the pain, we bring you many ideas that can make people around you very happy. The holiday season is the right time for creativity – the emotions are dazed; the red color is all around us and we are inspired to show how much our friends and family means to us.


If you want your gift to come at a real surprise you should buy something a little bit different. We suggest that you take your best friend, girlfriend, mother or sister to a special trip. You can go on Victoria’s wineries tour with private taxi. This could be perfect weekend getaway, and you can enjoy in comfortable and luxury cars with private driver who will take you to see whatever you have imagined. Another option will be to buy your favorite person a voucher for private taxi ride in Melbourne. You can easy buy one at Urban Chauffeur Cars in Melbourne, where you can book special ride for the person you want to surprise. These gifts are not only surprise, but they are also extremely useful and person who gets it will be more than happy.

For more traditional gifts, you can choose summer hats! Who does not love them! Especially on those sunny summer days when the temperature on the Celsius scale goes over 30 degrees. You can buy them in different colors, patterns, and they are always trendy. Inevitable summer equipment, while always a nice fashion detail, are of course silk scarves. One of the options for buying a Xmas gift for a dear person is interestingly designed summer slippers. These gifts will make everyone happy!

It would definitely be fun for your beloved person to see the book of his favorite writer as a gift under the Christmas tree. Books are an inexhaustible source of wisdom that will never lose value. And book buying time is never better, given that new-year discounts are increasing in bookstores. Take advantage of discounts and go for an interesting book for your dear person to enjoy.

Concert tickets – everyone has a favorite musician. Two tickets for the concert are a wonderful gift, almost for anyone. Great gift for men can be a wallet, a belt, a tie, a Cologne water or watch. For younger business partners who like sports, there are many good gifts. Sport jerseys are also an original gift. For business partners who like sports, except for jerseys, a good gift will be season tickets for the clubs for which they are cheering. However, it may also be season tickets for cinema, theater, but also for golf courses depending on the type of person you are giving a present.

All women like fashion accessories such as jewelry, scarves, earrings etc. If the person you are giving loves big earrings, find her a nice couple. Cosmetics are not easy to buy, but body milk, some neutral eyeshadow, or something that is not superficial will surely cheer up the person you are buying gift for. If you’re not sure what to buy, every drug store also offers gift vouchers of different amounts, so you can decide for that. This may be more practical, but somehow more personal is if you choose a particular thing yourself.

Regarding the Christmas gift, the most important detail is symbolic of your gift, so if your budget is limited, you still have enough choices to choose an interesting gift for small money. There are countless ideas for Xmas gifts that are not expensive. You can always make something by yourself. For example, interesting and unique photo frame, a vase, decorative box for jewelry etc.

We are all particularly excited about bringing those summer holidays closer, but the greatest Christmas joy feel the youngest. In their world Santa Claus and other Xmas myths are real, and shopping for children is always the most interesting. Never mind the importance of packing a Christmas gift. It has been scientifically proven that the happiest moment is the very act of opening gifts, so make sure your gift looks original packed. These are our tips for genuine Xmas gifts, we hope that some of them will use you.

Visit Victoria’s Phillip Island Winery Region

Winery & Sight Seeing Tours can be booked for small groups or individuals. With our winery tours you can choose destinations you want. Most popular are daily tours to destinations including Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and Macedon Ranges.

Although its tradition is only two hundred years back, the Australian wine industry is today among the leading players on the global scene, and its quality and innovation are celebrated around the globe. Australia is in control for only four percent of the world’s wine produced, but it is also the fourth largest wine exporter. Australian wines are present in more than a hundred world countries and are valued as a quality, but affordable, selection.

The Nobbies

If you like animals and nature, we recommend you book your trip to Philip Island. Filip’s Island or Phillip Island is located 140 miles southeast of Melbourne. It is 26 inches long and 9 kilometers wide. The coastal section is 97 kilometers long. The island was named after the First Governor of Southern Wales, Arthur Phillip. The Newhaven town on the island’s bridge is connected to the coastal town of San Remo. Every year this small island hosts more than 3.5 million tourists. The Nobbies nature park on this island offers all the visitors an interesting attraction! Each evening, the little beautiful penguins in the seaside groups go out on the shore and walk in front of the many curious views of tourists across the beach to the holes in the sand dunes where they sleep. This is a truly wonderful sight.

Small penguins are a special kind of penguin and the smallest of the penguins in the world. These little wonders, up to a maximum of 33 centimeters, can dive to a depth of as much as 69 meters! The magic event of walking penguins is one of the most famous Australian attractions. It is a unique natural phenomenon all over the world. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Other Attractions

Other attractions on the island are the Phillip Island Circuit for motorcycle and car racing. From January to October, the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is hosting the most iconic international motorcycle and car racing festivals.

If you are visiting the island with your family you will be fascinated by the A Maze N Things, the amusement parks that will fill your day with fun and laughter.

You also would not like to miss the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, Koala Conservation Centre, and Sun Remo Pelican Feeding.

The best way to start or finish your Phillip Island adventure will be a wine tasting at the Purple Hen Winery.

Our daily tours are running in Victoria all year round. You can contact our team for more information.

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – “Race that stops the nation”

If you like horse racing, during October and November Melbourne is the centre of the world. On the first Tuesday of November the famous Melbourne Cup race is held in the capital Victoria. This race is also known as „The Race that stops the nation”. Whether you are in the mine, bakery, hospital, office at three o’clock in the afternoon, everything pauses for a moment, and through the television or the radio, you watch and listen to a 3200-meter race.


By rule, it brings joy to some, and sadness to others. What’s more, in the state of Victoria, every first Tuesday in November is a public holiday. Some deputies are already urging them to expand throughout the whole of Australia, to add it on Monday, and so celebrate the four-day holiday.

The race

In race worth six million dollars, 24 gallopers compete, mostly from Europe, Asia, New Zealand and of course Australia. Melbourne Cup “is not just a fairy-tale race, it’s a special holiday. Over 100,000 people gather at the racing place in Flemington, which is once again the largest and most beautiful in the world. In addition to prominent political figures, as a rule, this magnificent race attracts celebrities from all spheres of life and all over the world. Celebrities who have already visited Melbourne in this time of year were Prince Charles and his wife Camila. They were in the honourable room as well as actress Misha Barton, photo model and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, singer Delta Goodrem, many personalities from Hollywood, Alexandro Del Piero the legend of world football and many others.

Fashion show

A big fashion show is also organised during this period, and ladies simply glitter with hats of various patterns. Everywhere all over Australia people are making barbecues, drinks and celebrate one of the biggest races in the world.

Most of the work remains for those who eventually have to clean race place up, and put it in order. In the same place in few days is held another famous race, the “Oaks Day” race in which only mares run. As a rule, on this day there are over one hundred thousand of people, mostly women who are simply competing, who will look more beautiful and who will have the most beautiful hat and dress for which they receive a valuable prize.

Glamour, luxury and fun are main associations for this event. When it comes to transportation, it can be complicated since the whole city wants to be in that one place, and many people are stuck in traffic, or travel forever with trains or buses. That’s why the best solution is definitely to hire chauffeur car in Melbourne, and make sure that your whole day is going to be perfect. You can choose luxury and comfortable cars, relax at the back seat and chat with professional drivers who know all parts of the town, and who will make sure that you arrive in time. Your journey will be stress-free, and you will travel in luxury and comfort looking and feeling great. To book Melbourne chauffeur car is very easy, and you can find most of them online.

All in all

The Spring Carnival Horse Race, which lasts for almost a month in Melbourne, is one of the biggest attractions of this beautiful city of 5 million people and, as a rule, provides hundreds of millions of dollars to the state treasury. If you are coming as a visitor in Melbourne in this time of the year, this is definitely place to be. Melbourne chauffeur cars  is organising transfer from the airport to you hotel or you can book chauffeur and a car for your entire stay in Melbourne.

Never Miss the Plane Again

Your business meeting is tomorrow and you need to travel to the airport to catch the first morning flight. You remember your last travel and missing the plane because taxi driver was late as he couldn’t find your place.


Tomorrow meeting is very important to you as your business depends on your attendance and you cannot take a chance of being late or missing it. So, this time you decided for the better option and booked your travel with private chauffeur cars Melbourne company.

Chauffeur cars in Melbourne provide transfers from point to point. Once your transfer booking was confirmed you get a guarantee that it will be delivered and you will not be disappointed. All those luxury chauffeur cars are mostly European makes. They are clean and regularly maintained for your safety.

Once you try this service you will be impressed with the comfort of the car, relaxed drive of the professional chauffeurs and time saved to get to the destination. Your confidence in booking the transfer with chauffeured hire cars will raise and you will never wish for anyone else.

Pleasant drive and conversation with their chauffeurs will make your transfer easy and relaxed. All chauffeurs are well educated but also discreet if you prefer quiet ride. They are professional in what they are doing and their knowledge of Melbourne and surrounding areas is excellent. They will be able to, in most of the cases, avoid a heavy traffic or find the best route so you will always arrive to your destination in time.

From the moment, you contact the office by email or phone you will be assured that your transfer booking with them was a great decision. You can choose to visit their website to find out more about them and if you are happy with the service you can also buy a voucher as a gift to someone you care about so they could enjoy this service as well and have safe and secure transfer home or elsewhere.

So, call chauffeur hire cars now, let them know what you need and they will do the rest.

What are the benefits of chauffeur driven hire car in Melbourne?

New era brings its benefits and its negatives to everyone’s life. Our lifestyle is changing constantly and there is less and less time and more and more work to do. Those who are employed usually find themselves lacking time to finish work or thinking how the days seems to get shorter. Is this the modern life syndrome?

Urban chauffeur cars - Genesis

Everyone is in a hurry and time wasting has become a very expensive exercise.
We are looking for best solutions and ways how to save our precious time. On the roads, we find ourselves lost in the traffic. Streets are packed with cars going in all directions and pedestrians have less and less room to walk as it is shared with bike riders.
Only those who are on the road everyday can find the best way to their destinations.
We, at Urban Chauffeur Cars provide safe and fast transfer to any location. This is just one of the benefits of chauffeur driven hire car in Melbourne.

Our services and your benefits are:

  • Transfer to and from all Melbourne airports;Private hire car transfers to all Melbourne metropolitan destinations;
  • Special occasions transfers such as sporting events, theatre, birthday or other private parties;
  • Wedding transfers;
  • Family or small group transfers;
  • Small group winery tours;
  • Small group sightseeing tours to popular Victorian destination such as Mornington Peninsula. Macedon Ranges, Dandenong Ranges and other destination of your choice.

When you book your chauffeur car with Urban cars and your booking is confirmed by our team, you can rest assured that your driver will come in time to your pick-up address and will drop you off to your preferred destination. Our cars are all luxury sedans and luxury vans. Unless you request special make or colour of the car we will send you the first available vehicle from our fleet. Your benefit is that whichever vehicle is the next available it will be no less luxurious than the requested one. Same is for the quality of our chauffeurs. All our drivers are professional and experienced on the road which is the benefit when you have no time to lose with a heavy traffic and closed street. Our driver will know which street is less jammed or if it is closed because of road work so your time will not be wasted.


Let us help you make the most of your next adventure

Melbourne winter 2017 has started with the rain. The period of cold, lazy rainy days is in front of us. The thermometer scale seems to be too lazy to climb anywhere higher than 14 degrees. Our daily routines will slightly change now. We put on more clothes, eat heavy winter food, walk less and drive our cars more.

Urbanchauffeurcars your next adventure

Mother Nature has already painted all Victoria’s mountains in white, covering their sandstones and wildflowers with the snow, telling us that the winter has started and calling us to enjoy the season. Melbourne’s surrounding hills are now covered with this cold but also romantic white powder that offers so much pleasure to everyone who enjoys winter activities.

Urban Chauffeur Cars love the winter too. It provides us with an opportunity to offer our clients transfer services to any of Victoria’s famous mountains.

With our luxury vans, you can travel safely and restfully with your family or friends without worrying whether your car will reach the destination or if you require special equipment or skills to drive on those snowy and frozen roads. Your skiing gear can fit in our van and you do not have to pay an additional fee for your car park. You can organise a return transfer with us and we will wait for you to get you back to Melbourne. We can drive you to Victoria’s most popular ski resorts such as: Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham or Mt Buffalo.

If your desire is just to see the snow and return the same day, we can organise that too. Our cars are equipped for the snowy, frozen terrain and our drivers are experienced to drive on those roads. Your safety and comfort is our priority.

If you are visiting Melbourne and Victoria’s skiing resorts and need a safe, professional transfer, call the experts at Urban Chauffeur Cars.

We will help you discover the joy of travel.


How to Avoid Traffic in Autumn

May is already at the door and the weather is reminding us that Summer’s days are over and Winter is well on the way. Everything in nature starts slowing down; the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Trees are transforming from their beautiful green colour into a more beautiful spectra of colours and the streets are jamming with traffic, as walking and bicycle riding is behind us.

Urban Chauffeur cars blog

Driving a car is becoming more appropriate on these increasingly rainy cold days, making the roads packed with cars. You may be wondering how you will make it to the meeting as you are sitting in a car trapped in one way street traffic. There is no turning back and all you can do is sit and wait while anxiously watching the clock turn its arms towards your business meeting time. It is even more unbearable when you are on the way to the airport, knowing that your plane will not wait for you. Your Uber driver knows only to follow the GPS and does not know the tricks in avoiding and beating traffic.

Transfer with us

Such frustrating moments can be reduced or avoided if you call Urban Chauffeur Cars and book your transfer with us.

Our chauffeur cars are our business. Our chauffeurs are our business. Our customer service is our business. Our business is represented professionally in every way. Urban Chauffeur Cars guarantee the best and professional service you can get. Once you get to know us, you will enjoy talking to our friendly staff, riding in our clean and comfortable cars while reading our Blogs on the website.

You will soon know that we have a new website that is our pride and joy. It offers you a current price for your transfer without even having to call us. You can also send us an enquiry or just make a booking. Our website also gives you a chance to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter will inform you about the latest events in Melbourne, our special offers and other valued information.

Let us know what you think of our services, our staff and our website and we will share your testimonial on our website.

Urban Chauffeur Cars specialise in corporate and private transfers. We have a range of cars to suit your needs. If you are traveling in a group, ask us about our luxury SUV or vans. Our luxury sedans, Mercedes E- class, Chrysler and Genesis are suitable for singles, couples or up to three passengers. You can also use our website to check how much luggage can fit into each vehicle.

Visit our website, check the price and if it is suitable make your booking through our new and simple booking form. Alternatively, you can call us on 0412 244 585 and make your booking directly.

Say “I Do” for Urban Limo Wedding Transfer

She finally says those magic words and with that will come new experiences that the two of you will explore in your lives together. We will leave this thought for now and focus on the next important step, the wedding.

Urban Chauffeur VHA cars


Weddings tend to be a stressful time, not just groom and bride but both of their families. Everyone wants to participate in this event and everyone has their own opinion on how the event should be organised. Mothers are under pressure as they want the best of everything for their daughter or son and there is always a bit of competition between two of them.

Fathers are under pressure because they are the ones who are often proving financial help for this glamour. The Bride wants to look the best on the big day and the groom wants his bride not to worry and enjoy to the day. The list of things to do grows daily and the day is approaching. Finding the venue, organising the music, photography and videography, the cake, dress, flowers, invitations right through to the choice of the best man and the maid of honour, and so on and so on, the list feels like it’s never ending.

The transportation

And just when you think you’ve got it all you realise that one also very important part of the ceremony was left out, the transportation. Urban chauffeur cars offers you transfer services with luxury sedans and limousines. We have a range of fleet from Mercedes, Chryslers, Genesis as well as luxury vans and limousines up to 11 passengers.

All you need to do is to contact us at least a month or two prior and we will do everything to find your desired car. Our prices are comparative and there is no reason to look elsewhere.

If you are planning your wedding call us now!

Chauffeur Cars Winery Transfers

Yarra Valley Region is famous for a wonderful range of cellar doors, all reflecting the diversity of styles and approaches. This beautiful, cool-climate region is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne. There are over 70 wineries in this region. You can pass by Healesville with its sanctuary, a home of Australian native animals.


Further north, you can visit the picturesque village of Marysville and, if you are into the beautiful hill country, you can visit Nillumbik, Hurstbridge and Kangaroo Ground. The vineyards in this region are planted out to Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Tasting and cellar door sales of these outstanding wines are available at any winery you decide to visit.

However, it is not all just about wine tasting. Many of these wineries also provide accommodation, restaurants and venues for corporate meetings, conferences or weddings.

You can choose to indulge in team building or individual activities such as hot air ballooning, Healesville Sanctuary, fishing, wandering the walking trails or just relaxing in the beautiful winery estate gardens.

Urban Chauffeur Cars can assist you with a transfer whether it is a relaxing getaway or business conference. Book your chauffeur car return transfer with us for your relaxing wine tasting. Your chauffeur will wait for you and drive you back home or to your hotel. If you are staying overnight at the estate, it is advisable to book us for your return transfer, as public transport and taxis can become quite unreliable in such remote areas. All our vehicles offer luxury, comfort and style. Choose from luxury sedans for up to 4 passengers to luxury vans for up to 7 passengers. We can also organise a bus for larger groups up to 25 passengers.

If you are planning a wedding, ask about our stretch limousines.

Check our calculator on the quotes page for our service price or call us on 0412 244 585 and let us help you.

Our recommendations:

There are so many wineries in this region and each offering their own charm. We can recommend some of those that we have contacted recently.

Wild Cattle Creek’s Wines

473 Warburton Highway
Seville VIC 3139
Wild Cattle Creek Estate is producing quality fruit for their premium wines. They offer Yarra Valley visitors the complete package including accommodation, the award winning Rustic Charm Restaurant and their own Estate wines available at their Cellar Door for Tutored Tastings. You can learn a lot from wine producing, types of wines and why they taste so good. You can indulge in a tasty meal at the winery restaurant or on the terrace overlooking green wines while breathing in a sweet smell of ripen grapes.

Yarra Ranges Estate

39 Coulson Road
Monbulk VIC 3793
Yarra Ranges Estate is wedding and functions centre.

It offers a unique and picturesque view to suit any wedding style. It is arranged on a 30-acre vineyard. If you desire an outdoor wedding, then Yarra Ranges Estate can offer you several options, such as their beautiful sprawling gardens, a romantic gazebo or Bluestone Room with a picturesque Chapel on the site. With reception space that can cater from 60 to 150 guests, the Yarra Ranges Estate can tailor sit down or cocktail packages to suit your special day.

Make your wedding day unforgettable and stress free. With Urban Chauffeur Cars you can book all your wedding transfers.

The Fergusson Winery and Restaurant

82 Wills Rd
Yarra Glen VIC 3775
The Fergusson Winery and Restaurant is another great place for your wedding reception. It is located among rising hills at the northern end of the Yarra Valley. With its gourmet delights and premium wines, Fergusson is a stunning setting for a wedding and reception. Fergusson specialise in making a wedding day perfect. Their cellar door is open daily (except Tuesdays) from 11.00am to 5.00pm for tastings.

De Bortoli Wines

58 Pinnacle Ln
Dixons Creek VIC 3775
De Bortoli Wines was established in 1928, and run by the family ever since. The company has vineyards and wineries in Riverina and the Yarra Valley and produce a broad range of delicious wines.

Urban Chauffeur Cars Team wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

The team at Urban Cars are waiting to answer your call and book the best car for you. Your romantic dinner will be complete with one of our chauffeured cars to transport you and your special date in luxury and style.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your partner your romantic side and, most importantly, how much they mean to you. Make them feel special and give them a night they will never forget with our chauffeured car services.

Valentine’s Day is on the way, are you ready?

Valentine’s Day is coming soon so get in quick for the opportunity to do something nice for your loved one. Book one of our luxury cars and take your sweetheart out in style.

Our chauffeur car services are even a great way to pop the question. Your personal chauffeur driver can take you to the most romantic spots for you to shine in all lights of love. Celebrate love, peace and happiness with someone you know the best and you love the most. Our team can even include a box of chocolates, champagne, or flowers in your booking. Our fleet of luxury European cars, Genesis and stretch limousines provide the perfect amount of luxury and comfort to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Go above and beyond your usual romantic gift ideas. Call Urban Chauffeur Cars to book your private chauffeur.